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Windowsfx 10 LTS (formerly LinuxFX 10) is a Brazilian Portuguese distro to look like and be compatible with Microsoft Windows.

Windowsfx 10 WX Desktop

  • Windowsfx has been developed to be fast, secure and above all, easy to use.
  • Built on Linux Ubuntu, with a graphical interface of the Cinnamon environment and Linuxfx WXD tools.
  • Delivers a graphical interface similar to Microsoft © Windows® 10.
  • Putting it all together, you will have a fast, secure and easy to operate system.
  • Brings compatibility of Microsoft © platform applications, making it possible to now use a wide range of applications originally developed for Windows® through Wine recompiled for Windowsfx.

WindowsFX10 Screenshots

Advantages of Windowsfx

  • Fast, very fast: Windowsfx can operate very well on computers with only 2 cores and only 2GB of ram.
  • Safe and stable: The base of Windowsfx is Linux, which by definition already tends to be more stable. Viruses and malware developed for Windows® will not be a problem for Windowsfx, as they are different platforms, these malicious programs cannot run on Windowsfx. That simple.
  • Applications for Windows® and Linux: Windowsfx will give you access to a vast collection of applications. In addition to the apps you’re used to, you’ll have access to a new store, with thousands of free apps, just a click away.
  • AD networks and workgroups: Windowsfx is designed to provide full support for Active Directory networks and Microsoft® Windows © workgroups. You will have complete access to network computers and workgroups in an easy and native way.

Technical specifications

Parameter Detail
Base operating system Ubuntu 20.04 LTS / Linuxfx 10 LTS
Graphical interface (DM) Cinnamon 4.6 + Linuxfx WX Desktop
Kernel 5.7.15
Office suite OnlyOffice 5.6
Workgroup networks SAMBA
Active Directory PowerBroken (PBIS) / CID
.Exe / .msi compatibility Wine 5 (Linuxfx Version)
Windows® 10 theme b00merang GPL Windows® 10 Themepack
Windows® 10 Tools Linuxfx WX Desktop system tools


ISOs available for

  • 64 bit PC (3.8 GB)
  • RaspberryPi
  • ASUS Tinkerboard

KVM Install Notes

  • Start with a bare Linux VM on KVM64
  • Hardware list: 4 GB RAM, 32 GB HDD
  • 1 NIC (LAN), Mouse

Post Install Notes

  • If it hangs, reset from the host with qm stop [VMID]
  • Get to root user with sudo -i | sudo -s
  • Change Resolution using commandline with xrandr --size 1024x768 and aspect ratio with xrandr--size 4:3
  • VNC Server and other Remote Access server not available as the emphasis is on being a desktop only. May be overcome using native linux commands with some effort
  • The default AnyDesk client works well but the server shows 4 displays and no mouse scaling when accessed from outside. No luck with upgrades as on date to Screen driver issues with KVM.
  • In Settings => System', min resolution needed is atleast 1280 x 800 as the width in 1024x768 does not accommodate full display.
  • No way to get Display Driver Support, but defaults work.
  • Many settings window titles are Painel de Controle even in English as are some prompts too.
  • Delays in application windows switching without "loading..." like place holders in many places
  • EXE and MSI compatibility to be installed from M$ - fonts-baekmuk
  • load_candara (Windows 10 Candara Font family) needs clean retest in 32 bit WINEPREFIX when installing in kvm64 - like many other files.
  • kept failing to download. Finally got the 63 MB file from: although a later capture of the binarily very same file is at


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