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Overall increase in engine cost will be around 50%.
Overall increase in engine cost will be around 50%.
== Helium - Atmospheric Budget ==
Helium is a '''light''', highly '''inert''' gas. It is a good '''conductor of heat'''. It is '''not inflammable'''.
* [ Helium in the Earth's Atmosphere]
* [ How Helium is made]
== Mechanical Energy Battery ==
== Mechanical Energy Battery ==

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Oxygen Generation

Medical Oxygen requirements vary from using

  • liquid oxygen
  • enriched oxygen
  • pressurised air for assisted breathing

A simple way to produce oxygen locally to avoid transportation is essential for remote areas and military use on demand at high altitudes.

Space stations have been known to use UV rays to split Carbon dioxide to generate free oxygen.

High Voltage DC (bridge rectification of mains 220V AC to get 310V DC) has been known to split Oxygen (breathing, oxidation, etc) and Hydrogen (Fuel) from water. Nano Pulsed High voltage DC electricity can be studied for it's effectiveness in doing the same.

Hydrogen as a Fuel Additive

Whilst Hydrogen / Oxygen mixture has been used in Internal Combustion Engines (ICE) since the 1800s, some research is needed to check the effluent, corrosion and power output when small quantities of Hydrogen is mixed in at high speeds in current petrol / diesel based vehicle engines.

Exclusive use of Hydrogen as the fuel in an ICE would require the following modifications:

  • hardened valves and valve seats
  • stronger connecting rods
  • non-platinum tipped spark plugs
  • higher voltage ignition coil
  • fuel injectors designed for a gas instead of a liquid
  • larger crankshaft damper
  • stronger head gasket material, modified (for supercharger) intake manifold
  • positive pressure supercharger
  • high temperature engine oil

Overall increase in engine cost will be around 50%.

Helium - Atmospheric Budget

Helium is a light, highly inert gas. It is a good conductor of heat. It is not inflammable.

Mechanical Energy Battery

Buoyancy has been used to store energy under the ocean and helium balloons have been known to keep platforms afloat in mid air (WiFi in the air).

High hooks contant springs in compressed form have been known to store a large amount of potential energy.

Large Vehicle Shock Absorber Springs are available as scrap. The big coil springs can be compressed and kept so till a desired offtake in mechanical motion is desired.

Creating a highly compressed igh hooks constant spring in the size of an AA battery coupled to a micro generator within it and controlled release of the spring to run it would be great.

Cold Pressed Oil extractor

Heat and Light

Wireless Electric Power Transmission

Zero Voltage Switching (ZVS)

  • Theory | Design Calculations | Design Considerations | Triac Circuit
  • The Borewell pump motor and other electrical loads generally spark when mechanically switched on or off.
  • Motor control panel spares like contactor and switches are generally not stocked by neighbourhood electrical stores as they are slow moving and are sold and serviced by the equipment manufacturers or their authorised service centres.
  • When electronic switching is done, it is when the voltage becomes zero during the AC cycle and hence no sparking occurs.
  • Such switches may be opto-coupled and SCR triggered.
  • Self-powered ZVS ICs like CA3059 are available.
  • Available inexpensively at Amazon under USD 20/-

Corona Mediation



Splitting CO2

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