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*'''Special Courses (IoT or PCBA)''' - [[DIY Courses Register|Register]] your interest
*'''Special Courses (IoT or PCBA)''' - [[DIY Courses Register|Register]] your interest
**[[ATI_Chennai_IoT_Brochure.pdf|Internet on Things (IoT) Training ]] | [[IoT Course Material]]
**[[ATI_Chennai_IoT_Brochure.pdf|Internet of Things (IoT) Training]] | [[IoT Course Material]]
**[[ATI_Chennai_PCBA_Brochure.pdf|Testing of PCBA Training]]
**[[ATI_Chennai_PCBA_Brochure.pdf|Testing of PCBA Training]]
**[[PLC Training]]
**[[PLC Training]]

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This server is maintained by Dr.M.Jayaprakasan, Team Leader, IT & ITES Sector and Dy. Director, ATI Chennai at ATI Chennai. The current primary aim is to review the existing syllabus as well as to create syllabus for newly identified courses in this sector.

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