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  • The original FreeNAS Project was on SourceForge before it got taken over by ixSystems selling their TrueNAS range based on it.
  • FreeNAS v0.7 Open Source was forked as NAS4Free and due to copyright issues, it is now named XigmaNAS.

Build, Configure and Maintain a XigmaNAS Network Attached Storage appliance

Virtualisation KVM Install


  • Default IP Address:
  • Default Access Credentials (Mode: username / password):
CLI/SSH: root / xigmanas
Web: admin / xigmanas

Preferred Hardware

  • Use Gigabit Intel LAN NIC model based on XigmaNAS version (date of release and kernel support for native drivers)
  • Atleast 4 GB RAM advised for 64 bit installs
  • Embedded installs on USB advised for general use
  • 2/4 GB USB drives for old systems (< 2010) on embedded 32 bit installs
  • Atleast 8 GB USB Drives for modern systems on 64 bit installs
  • Choice of Hard Disks with 4K sectors (not surveillance HDDs)

Tested Hardware



  • During install from USB 3 socket, graceful degrade to USB 2 occurs if the device is not USB 3 compliant.
  • During usage of the embedded USB device, no such degrade occurs and the device must be plugged into it's appropriate socket.
  • When remotely accessing the XigmaNAS using SSH, only a bare shell command prompt for CLI usage is available. To get to the console menu, execute the following command:
sh /etc/rc.initial
  • To come out of the menu and exit the SSH session, drop to the shell (choice 6) and type exit

XigmaNAS console menu.jpg

Hard Disks


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