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Core Teaching skill sets

ATI Chennai along with it's sister ATIs and institutions have a large number of trained experts in diverse fields covering the entire gamut of standard courses conducted regularly spread across the nation.

Specialised courses needing domain specific experts from industry collaborators and the knowledgeable public are harnessed in the content creation, delivery and evaluation of the learning clientele.

Mentor based Training and Evaluation

  • The focus is to fill in the gaps in the knowledgebase of the trainee.
  • Correcting misconceptions and enhancing confidence levels.
  • Predictable standard outcomes.
  • Expert handholding while learning complex tasks.
  • Time tested Standard Evaluation of proficiency.
  • Post training access to Mentor for refreshment and support.
  • Highly practical oriented with hands on approach.
  • Theory limited to essentials and guided interest based furtherance.
  • No Math Fear factor.

Training Standardisation

In order to deliver a consistent set of skills effectively in a reproducible manner, Pictures, Audio, Video media and slideshows are honed to accomodate lessons learned while teaching each set of trainees.

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