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Steps for successfull setup of Tally ERP 9 on Xubuntu 12.04

  • Dated: 2014-06-26
  • Install wine 1.4 (1.5+ or later versions cause Tally ERP 9 to show out of memory error)
  • Install Tally ERP 9 using the installer from CD/other media
  • Run Tally ERP 9 from wine menu.
  • To use remote "Data" folder as a client(and Tally Server running on a Windows system), first install samba and cifs-utils. Then type the following command in console:
mount.cifs //<your Tally server IP in tally.ini>/<Path to Data folder in tally server> /home/<your username>/.wine/dosdevices/c:/<path to your Data folder in tally.ini> -o uid=<your uid>,gid=<your gid>,rw,nounix,file_mode=0666,dir_mode=0666
  • The above command should make the Data folder shared in your Tally server to be RW-capable.
  • Use Tally with Wine 1.4 as you would on Windows.


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