Suggestions for Effective Management

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Effective Management

  • List of people in the office drawing high salary and effectiveness of their contributions to the running of the department
  • Avoidance of reporting within the dept for merely passing it up the hierarchy –make work system based
  • Elimination of waiting to be served - citizen to official, subordinate to superior official - by making it asynchronous
  • Unjustified calling of officials to Headquarters for meetings that which can be done by phone/ video conferencing
  • Ideas cannot be manufactured and it has to evolve and distill through
  • Why should anyone provide any ideas to the top officials to take the credit for – rationale and self interest to be taken into account
  • Making the official hierarchy flatter by cutting needless flab at the top
  • Sycophancy, Cronyism and Nepotism index in employment and transfers to be established and monitored
  • Effectiveness index for each top official to be determined objectively and merit over seniority be used in all top appointments otherwise institutional mechanisms will fail and / or be compromised
  • All purchase / indent requests rejected should be intimated with valid reason quickly
  • Maintenance fund for each equipment be budgeted and disbursed each term
  • Minimum manpower availability in each work area should be ensured
  • Adequate pool of institutional vehicles and drivers be made available in each centre for use by the officers there-at.
  • Filling in all vacancies without delay so that each work area does not overload the existing incumbents
  • All software in each institution be placed in a code repository with version control to be manageable across generations of employees
  • Using wikis effectively to preserve the institutional knowledgebase
  • Behavioral Attitude be assessed before appointment to high office. If a person is arrogant and cannot apply one's mind effectively and has no sense of serving one's fellow citizens, there is no point in elevation to high office notwithstanding academic merit
  • Online testing / exam conduction for all disciplines with a question bank backend
  • Funding if any and sanction for above ideas to be implemented to be in the officials to do list before expecting level of implementation. Assignment of senior decision making empowered official for each idea is mandatory as otherwise responsibility for lethargy / non-performance will be hard to fix
  • All purchases with vendor details and costs be published in the dept website so that obtaining 3 or more quotes is eliminated if a cheaper or same quoting vendor for the same product exists
  • List of working equipment in each dept be listed on the dept website along with a list of non working ones and their issues.
  • Publicly available database of resource talent in each topic be made searchable on the dept website
  • Admission for the training /confirmation and feedback system should be made Online
  • Payment of Tuition fee and other fee by the public should be provisioned for on-line payment / e-credit system
  • Tuition fee to be waived in it's entirety for courses are essential and critical to society
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