Practical Transfer Policies

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Transfer of Personnel

Vendatta, nepotism and other reasons apart, only operational facts are considered here.

Reasons for Transfer

  • Get acquainted with other areas of the job - build multiple skillsets
  • Learn and Teach and mutually benefit from such interactions with colleagues
  • Breakup collusion that may set in on long sojourns in one place
  • Promotions up the hierarchy will necessary be at the HQ where such migrations are natural
  • New offices being set up that need senior / experienced hands

Reasons to avoid Transfer

  • Compassionate considerations - often mask the true intention
  • Niche skillsets that dictate the operational viability of critical resources if transferred
  • Language and interpersonal skills specific to remain insitu
  • Too old to move (voluntary retirement is advised here)
  • Familiarity of local operations and procedures and liasion with local authorities that will render transfer detrimental to the sustainability of the entity
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