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Skills Ministry Portal - Web User Interfaces

Business Rules

  • Who is allowed to do what, when and how.
  • Roles and Permissions
  • Authority and assigned roles
  • Admin and Implementation methodology



  • Admin Interface is the Super set of all permissions having the power to change everything - a position of absolute trust.
  • Depending on the frequency of change, identify frequent changing parameters and assign web interfaces for them only as far as exclusive Admin related authority is concerned.
  • The rest of the Admin changes can be in config files.
  • Sufficient Audit Trail will be needed atleast when there is more than one interventionist authority.


  • Restricted to the records they have created whilst selective visibility of others records and actions
  • Must be able to identify responsibility and outcomes
  • Delays and other actionable situations should be identifiable and failover / replacement rules applied
  • Identity theft should be guarded against

Other stakeholders

  • Create, Update own records
  • Auto download and upload of web forms and documents
  • Third party viewing / verification permissions management

Proactive UI Development

  • Using Open Source technologies, manage code change with the likes of Git
  • Collaborative team based development
  • Iterative feedback based Agile development
  • Data integrity and updation to match code changes
  • Integration of all business aspects including the Call Centre
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