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Skills Ministry Portal - Data Migration

Whilst the design of the initial draft for a new portal is being prototyped, care must be taken to preserve and migrate historical data into it's ambit.

Data Identification

  • Data from the SDI PORTAL should be acquired by the design and implementing team
  • Data to be imported into a temporary database for further processing
  • Key business intelligence of the data to be extracted

Data Vetting and Formatting

  • Data integrity and de-duplication
  • Primary and Index keys to be established
  • Optimal field format design and conversion

Data Importation

  • Raw migration of data into optimised databases
  • Entity Relationship Diagrams (ERD) to be established and the data collated accordingly
  • Business Rules implementation facilitating flags and fields to be addressed by the ERD

New Data Assimilation

  • Admin Interface to assimilate new data into the new database with all historical data converted above
  • Start of design of final user interface that connects to this new database
  • Querying and Reporting design flags and fields to be integrated into the ERD
  • Start of rudimentary User Acceptance Test (UAT) for the ERD
  • Least Count of Data granularity to be frozen
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