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MIS System for all ITIs

  • Wipro has been awarded the contract for setting up the MIS Portal for NCVT.
  • The NCVT MIS Portal must inform the public
    • What the details of deliverable are
    • Time frame to complete
    • Cost of project and resources allocated till date
    • Timeline and amount details of monies paid to Wipro for the project
    • Names and designations of persons who chose Wipro as the Vendor and when
    • Penalty / Operational Consequences and Mitigation strategies for non delivery / partial delivery / non maintenance
    • Who will take charge of the infrastructure - software/hardware/training/maintenance when Wipro leaves / hands over the project

Rather than wait for someone to use RTI to question the government, it would be appropriate to be proactive.

Bugs and UI Feedback

  • The NCVT MIS Portal site needs to have the Menu code fixed. A Submit ITI Ratings menu link appears below the Home menu button as a separate button whilst being present appropriately as a submenu of the ITI button as well. This redundant button covers the really useful search submenu button rendering the latter unclickable.
  • Bug and Fix, On Fix screenshots.
  • There are currently 12341 ITIs listed in the Search Portal and remains so for several months now. This data is imperative to be updated regularly.
  • There are only 6 Instructors across all ITIs listed as of now in the Portal.
  • ITI Search Listing page should have Pincode in a separate column instead of being buried inside the Address.
  • There appear to be upto 16432 details pages but in actuality, there are currently oly 12406 ITIs details pages with several gaps in the numbering sequence.
  • There are no details pages for ranges of ITI Reference IDs like from
    • 3 to 78
    • 100 to 1610
    • 6295 to 6643
    • 9012 to 9124
    • 11578 to 13435
    • 16197 to 16302
  • Individual missing details pages are:
    • 4831
    • 4835
    • 5030
    • 5337
    • 5358
    • 5412
    • 5454
    • 11234
    • 11264
    • 11296
    • 11335
    • 11403
    • 15090
  • The SQL statement for extracting missing gaps in RefID is:
SELECT (t1.RefID + 1) AS gap_starts_at, 
       (SELECT MIN(t3.RefID) -1 FROM iti t3 WHERE t3.RefID > t1.RefID) AS gap_ends_at
FROM iti t1
-- t1.RefID >= 6000 AND 
NOT EXISTS (SELECT t2.RefID FROM iti t2 WHERE t2.RefID = t1.RefID + 1)
HAVING gap_ends_at IS NOT NULL;
  • https (SSL connection) is not necessary for mere search purposes.
  • Potential employers intending to recruit by visiting the Search Trainees button are shown only trainee name, vocation and institution fields. Inclusion of email id and phone number and / or address / pincode is imperative.
  • All Trades beginning with "COE-" do not have any TradeCode associated with it in the Details pages.
  • Lack of proper primary key enforcement in the affiliations table (and possibly others) results in errors like in this details page. The error is highlighted here.
  • A few Districts are referred to by their old name and have got populated into the ITI table as such
  • Jagdalpur is a city in Bastar District of Chhattisgarh State but is listed as a district with 1 ITI in it.
  • A few Districts with ITIs have no postal district with Lat/Lon data and hence have to be manually filled in.
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