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27th March 2014 : Outcome of DISCUSSION WITH SMC Members of NIOS, NOIDA

  • Mr. S. K. Prasad System Analyst/Programmer
  • Ms. Koushalya Barik, AD,(VE)


  • Regarding Application Packages - Being a government organisation,
    • we should not encourage any brand i.e. Microsoft because now a days there are many Open Source software are available in market.
    • we can incorporate Office Tool--Word Processing in Lieu of MS-word. Spread Sheet in Lieu of MS-Excel, Data Base Management in lieu of MS-Excess, Creating Presentation in Lieu of MS-Power Point, Financial Accounting Software in Lieu of Tally.
    • so, during imparting training any particular brand Application Package should not be emphasised, rather they can go for any Open Source packages.
    • Moreover ,if any Particular software are necessary for that course then it should be mentioned in that syllabus as in the case of MULTIMEDIA,ANIMATION & SPECIAL EFFECTS, DTPO.
    • Same should be for Operating System also.
    • These are common suggestion for courses except MULTIMEDIA,ANIMATION & SPECIAL EFFECTS, DTPO.


  • Qualification should be minimum 12th with computer science or pre-requisite COPA otherwise students will not be able to cope up with the contents of syllabus.
  • After completion of course, students shall not be able to get employment because in software industry testing field only graduate engineers are being recruited, hence 10th passed cannot get any job.
  • Contents of each heading of testing Types should be given
    • i.e. LOAD TESTING :-
      • (a)Application Load Testing
      • (b) Server Testing (Capacity of Application handling )
      • Concept of programming required.


  • In Semester one Week no. 17-18 following should be included:-
    • Switch and hub - configuration
    • Creating of Video conferencing environment
    • UTM (unified threat management)
    • Semester two Week no.1-7 Validation Boxes.

Prof. Dr. N.S. Narayanaswamy, IIT, Madras SMC Member

30th March 2014

  • This comment is regarding the "Multimedia, Animation and Special Effects" trade.
  • This is a 2 semester trade.
  • I appreciate that there is enough content for a 2 semester course, but the curriculum seems to have a lot of links to some website like
  • Am I supposed to review them also? If so, I cannot review this, for I am not knowledgeable about the reliability of
    • If not, please remove those links and please circulate a cleaned up document (uniform fonts etc).

Response by Team Leader

  • Sorry for the Mistake
  • All the Hyperlinks has been removed. Now, updated version available download

COMMENTS by the Chairman, Mentor Council of IT & ITES sector, Dr. Sanjeev Gupta, Director, NELIT, New Delhi

02 April 2014

  • Week no. 4 to 8 to be deleted and give more time for multimedia otherwise course is very good
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