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As the nation progresses in several fields, critical technologies and trained manpower to man them would become paramount to sustain our way of life and and be independent of foreign entities / governments and predatory corporates of every hue irrespective of their allegiance.

This article seeks to identify critical technologies and provide training and resource creation direction for sustainable development of the nation.

Technologies of National Importance

  • Aircrafts
  • Engines
  • Process Control Instrumentation / Sensors
  • Microcontrollers and Microprocessors
  • Computing Virtualisation and Parallel Computing
  • Computing Algorithms for Video, Audio and generic data Heuristics
  • Behavioural Pattern Profiling (Spending, Acquisitions, Enticements)
  • Critical Arms / Weaponry
  • Rapid construction technologies
  • Materials Technologies
  • Precision Machining and Bearings

With the nation embarking on Digital India and Smart Cities, it is imperative that the Internet of Things (IoT) be mastered lest we be sitting targets for all and sundry.

An Institute or Department of Reverse Engineering be setup to incorporate anti hacking and hacking mitigation technologies apart from getting to know how it works and provide for import substitutes and prevent any entity from holding the nation to ransom.

Rapid Training Methodologies

  • 1 on 1 - Crowd Sourced Learning / Teaching
  • Satellite DTH with Interactive Terminals at the hub for local spokes
  • Internet based streaming - Desktop PC, Tablet, Mobiles, Smart "TVs / Billboards / Blackboards"
  • Local indexed content from EMRCs, cloud content, public - academic, skill based and general interest topics
  • Syndicated TV channels / time slots in them
  • Online Workshops - Monkey See, Monkey Do.

Currently ATI Chennai is AView enabled on it's own local cloud server along with Open Broadcast Studio based content streaming.

Supplementation and Way Forward

  • Funding of additional hardware for redundancy and enhancement of capacity
  • Training of System Administrators
  • Rollout to other geographically dispersed locations for sustainability and availability
  • Recruit and train suitable personnel for it's upkeep regularly atleast once in 5 years.
  • Recruit personnel paying industry benchmarked emoluments to avoid needless training redundantly on staff turnover.
  • Recruitment and confirmation after probation of teaching faculty should have a skills test incorporated.
  • Teaching faculty promoted as administrators will leech the institution of their experience and best area of deployment. Professional administrators or those with proven admin skills alone to be branched into administration when there is no dearth of teachers in their field. Adequate promotion opportunities in the teaching line to be suitably matched with current career path.

MIS Revamp

  • A complete overhaul or atleast sufficient supplementation of the MIS Portals for the various DGT operations is necessary.
  • The entire setup should be maintained on the DGT Institutions own cloud with no third party intervention.
  • Ease of browsing the skilled manpower database by even unregistered potential employers will be necessary.
  • Fields like email id, mobile, location and preferences of skilled manpower be made available too.
  • All registered users data should be cleaned up and matched with the pincode database, location standardised addresses and user access credentials when responsible officers of employers (and/or details) change.
  • Domains such as use archaic implementations of email blacklists and users with email addresses in such domains will not be contactable. To mitigate this, the DGT can have a web user portal were messages can be exchanged possibly with a localised DGT domain for citizens' / employers' use. ATI Chennai's local cloud based phpList server can be leveraged for such mass mail contacts.

Consultants listing

  • A list of consultants engaged by DGT / MSDE, their tenure, emoluments and areas of expertise be listed online.
  • Hourly rates for institutional consultation too be provided with a request form on the MSDE portal.
  • Leverage such consultants for taking skills training classes as well.
  • Eschew recruitment of superannuated personnel where possible to avoid clash of interest / local politics / nepotism / back seat driving / quid pro quo rewards of sycophancy.

Key Skillset Volume

Several skillsets starting from the legacy cook / driver / tailor / butcher / teacher / blue collar workers to the elite software specialist / medicos / military gaming experts / scientists need to be quickly transferred to our youth to begin participation in national development and make them feel it is worthwhile to do so, otherwise we run the risk of having to spread our resources into fighting drug / alcohol abuse, crime and terrorism.

Each skillset should be:

  • studied carefully and
  • a set of easily replicable steps should be documented based on best practices

and create

  • metrics for evaluation and
  • multi-lingual question banks with answer sets

Any dilution in evaluation especially by memory recall even when no malpractice is done need to be guarded against.

ATI Chennai has leveraged the Open Source LimeSurvey project to this end.

Geographic Dispersal of Resources

  • Assurance of Knowledge survival in case of natural disasters, political upheavals, invasions, etc
  • Sibling level transfer of control for handing over from one generation another in a trusted and dependable manner
  • Stitches the nation together in a bond of mutual assistance based survival
  • Any compromise of the system will be localised without putting the whole in jeopardy
  • Makes sure that localised prejudice / nepotism based holding to ransom is mitigated

Language Translations

  • Web Service Crowd sourced translations - Transifex, GlotPress
  • Google Translate Machine translations with post vetting manually.
  • Place all NIMI books on Wiki and have authorised personnel nationwide (worldwide) to translate content into all possible languages, not just Indian or just Hindi. ATI Chennai's local cloud server can host such Wikis on demand.
  • Eschew printing physical books and selling them as a business model for NIMI. Have all printable PDFs online (currently some content is made available as static web pages) and let all and sundry print them royalty free. The aim is to empower the youth to benefit from it and not the payment of salaries to a huge white elephant battalion of govt employees.

Knowledgebased Skills Transfer across Generations

  • Just as the Wiki has become ubiquitous in preserving content across generations, ATI has engineered it's own local Wiki on it's very own cloud for rapid deployment - yes, in seconds.
  • Fully compatible with the Wikipedia Syntax, no new learning curve is envisaged.
  • Context based linking and rapid in-context updation of content by all authorised personnel.
  • Audit Trail of Who did What and When/Why
  • All critical equipment maintenance and operational procedures to be documented in such wikis on a need to know basis where the experience of all concerned will be assimilated and no briefing / de-briefing are needed when some task has been done for the first time and when it failed - why.
  • Sufficient replication across the nation to ensure survivability and catching up after disaster anywhere.

Question Banks

  • When sufficient System Administrators are trained, the Moodle based (Online Intranet / Internet) courses can be leveraged for all courses across ITI's, Polytechnics, Engineering Colleges and ATIs. ATI Chennai's local cloud based server is capable of hosting it.
  • Question banks to be migrated to the LimeSurvey platform on the ATI Chennai's local cloud server along with the answer choices and answers.
  • Random question paper provision on demand so that each candidate can have the same (or different) question set in a randomised order with the answers randomised as well and not restricted to multiple choice alone. Each question and choice of answers can be in multiple languages as well.

Human Vetted Skillset Level Monitoring

  • Standard Tests measure memory recall and where time is limited, it's speed and accuracy of such recall.
  • Behavioural Profiler tests determine attitude which at critical junctures have proved more valuable.
  • Able, Capable of doing work is one thing whilst the willingness to do it well is the determinant in the command and execution chain. Slow learners will take time to learn and possibly may not forget the lessons soon. The smartest person who is unwilling to perform is totally useless.
  • Close observance of skills put to the acid test in real work circumstances when monitored and corrective action on the part of the incumbent shows promise of learning from others mistakes as well will be the factor that will be decisive in obtaining a proper appraisal.

Potential Spanner in the Works and Compromise Mitigation

From time to time, personnel will be brainwashed into not doing their work or doing it with care. Problems at home, other more pressing mundane circumstances and or a false sense of vishwas are possible normal causes. Induced circumstances of compromise for political / terrorism / ideological reasons have compounded the issue nowadays.

Early detection of the symptom and diligence in determining the cause with a will to mitigate it effectively is paramount.

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