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India International Trade Fair 2016

Venue: Pragati Maidan, New Delhi
Dates: 14th to 28th Nov 2016
Officer: Mihir Parial (Mob: +91-9582709233 EMail: mihirparial@yahoo.co.in)
Pavilion: DGT - ATI Chennai


Whilst Advanced Training Institutes (ATI) are spread across the length and breadth of the nation, the facilities, courses and initiatives available and listed at ATI Chennai can be partaken of by everyone.

ATI Regular Courses

Govt of India recognised courses in a variety of specialised engineering disciplines like Electrical Controls & Maintenance, Electronic Controls & Maintenance, Process Control Instrumentation, Metrology & Engineering Inspection, Machine Tool Maintenance, Production Technology, CAD / CAM, CNC CENTER, Hydraulic & Pneumatic Controls, Heat Engines, Heat Treatment & Material Testing, Advanced Welding, Industrial Chemistry, etc are taught at ATIs.

  • 1 Week Course
  • 2 Week Course
  • Custom / Tailor Made Course

ATI Chennai launches a one week Special Workshop for Entrepreneurs.

ATI Chennai Industry Collaborated Training Programme

DIY Hands On Workshops / Courses

The terminal competency of those who undergo these courses will be self sufficiency in manning these applications / devices without reference to anyone.

Do It Yourself (DIY) Firewall Course
  • Enterprise Grade Open Source Firewalls constructed during a Do It Yourself (DIY) course at ATI Chennai.
    • Unlimited VPNs
    • LANs and WANs limited by available hardware only
    • Physical and virtualisable on local and remote cloud
    • Access rules and routing configurable entirely on a browser GUI
    • No major network certification essential
    • Even a hobbyist can manage a sophisticated firewall such as this
    • No licencing / proprietary hardware / software used
    • Consumer grade hardware sufficient
    • Can run entirely in RAM
    • Deployed in a few Govt Engineering colleges in TN, ATI Chennai, RailTel, TN SDC etc.
    • Works with all major ISPs connections - BSNL, NKN, etc

The attendees learn how to build the firewall from scratch and manage the rules, backup, restore and re-configuration besides migration.

Do It Yourself (DIY) eCommerce Course on Cloud
  • Point of Sale (POS) on the ATI Cloud
    • Configuration and Management of a cloud based Point of Sale application
    • Backup, Restore, Migration and Application integration possibilities abound
  • Run a full e-Shop
    • No Inventory
    • No Working capital / loans
    • No Rentals
    • No major electricity bills
    • Smart Phone operable - No apps needed
    • No employees / salaries - except to yourself!
  • Billing Management
    • Accounts Receivable / Payable
    • Invoicing
    • Simple CRM
ERP, CRM, HRM and other cloud applications

Several applications can be run on demand on the ATI Cloud such as:

  • Web ERP (FrontAccountingERP) - Accounting, Manufacturing, Inventory online
  • Online CRM (vTiger CRM) - Web based Customer Relationship Management
  • Cloud HRM (OrangeHRM) - Payroll and Human Resources Management
  • VoIP and Cloud PBX (Asterisk), Call Centre Management

Attendees will be given hands on configuration and deployment training with individual admin access.

Demonstration Video on PoS

ATI Chennai’s eCommerce Course on Cloud with Entrepreneurship Support, hosts various eCommerce Applications like:

  • Invoicing
  • ERP
  • Point of Sale (POS)
  • eShop
Cloud 001.png


At the end of the course, the participant will be able to operate their own eCommerce venture and ATI Chennai can provide handholding during the initial stages of starting up. The ATI Chennai cloud can host the eCommerce Application of choice during the incubation period and help port to commercial data centres.

As an example, features of Point of Sale terminal application are:

  • Tablet / PC / smartphone interfaces.
  • Track inventory, receivings, suppliers, customers.
  • Pre-installed and defaults configured, ready for use from the ATI cloud
  • Realtime multi-user, multi-location, multi-language
  • Suspend and Resume billing
  • Extensive Reporting and extendable as well. Dashboard enabled.
  • Online Backup and Offline Backup and Restore
  • Easy migration and third party integration
  • Import / Export of data available within the Web UI
  • VPN Security or LAN/intranet based trusted environment segregation
  • Completely web based

Cloud Initiatives

  • Managing the indigenous open source cloud
  • Migrating between Physical and Virtual Cloud Servers
  • Leveraging basic linux skills for everyday use
  • Running one or more open source firewalls on the cloud bridging / bonding several virtual switches - each with separate root access.
  • Running the cloud on the LAN and WAN
  • Windows, DOS, Linux (Debian, CentOS, etc) can all be virtualised with shared and dedicated kernel
  • Install applications / OSes from iso file using virtual CDROM

Entrepreneurship Opportunities

  • Running a point of sale on the cloud and controlling it using your smart phone / desktop
  • Running and maintaining any web application

Those with Science / Arts / Commerce / Language / Literature backgrounds can benefit from these opportunities just as engineers and those with computer science / IT backgrounds. Managing knowledgebases using the same engine that powers the Wikipedia is now available on demand on the ATI Cloud.

ATI Chennai provides hand holding during your initial immersion into e-Commerce enabling entrepreneurs as the path of least resistance practically failure proof.

  • No Banks and Loans
  • No Capital costs (except for the actual goods traded in and that too in transaction only)
  • No salaries other than to oneself
  • No physical premises and attendant brick and mortar establishment costs
  • Initial incubation underwritten by ATI Chennai
  • Courses available at ATI Chennai to enhance operational skill sets

Support Resources

  • Training server at ATI - well provisioned to handle upto 100 concurrent applications / incubation servers with current hardware / connectivity
  • Can be scaled on demand
  • The ATI Chennai Cloud infrastructure including it's physical and virtual firewalls are completely self maintained.
Rollout for sustainable entrepreneurship
  • Train System Administrators atleast on a 1:100 client model for example to provide them Rs. 1 Lakh remuneration @ 1000/- per customer per month. Empower them to train their clients in operation of web application and manage backup / restore and interface with data centres on a CRM.
  • The entrepreneurs will in turn be trained by their System Administrators trained at ATI.
  • ATI's Entrepreneur Data Center to be created in all ATIs across the country and manned with training manuals from NIMI and courses conducted by ATI. This is where the web applications will be hosted, like eShop, POS, ERP, CRM, etc. for the entrepreneurs.
  • Entrepreneurs Support, Marketing, Funding, Incubation, followup and feedback for policy tuning to be managed by the Entrepreneurship division of the Skill Ministry.

Distance Learning Facilities to Scale-up the Training Volume

  • The indigenously developed A-View platform is used in disseminating education to the masses in the rural hinterland and ISRO's satellites are leveraged to serve remote places where direct internet penetration is currently unavailable and / or unstable.
  • A-VIEW (Amrita Virtual Interactive E-Learning World) is an internet based virtual knowledge sharing platform, developed by Amrita E-Learning Research Labs, Amrita University, Kollam. The project in its present form was launched in August 2009 by the former President, Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam. A-VIEW enables a teacher or a group of teachers to reach out face to face to tens of thousands of students across the country. In addition, it is possible to complement this live interaction with teaching aids such as lecture notes, whiteboard, presentations, quiz, voting, polling and A-VIEW Playback (previously recorded classes), thus provide a complete learning experience. 2D and 3D animations is a feature unique to A-VIEW. This would help the students gain a thorough understanding of complex concepts.
  • ATI runs it's own set of A-View servers on it's indigenous locally available publicly exposed cloud at ATI Chennai (the National Server). ATI Chennai and it's sister ATI hubs have their own content generation and broadcast studios as well.
  • A-View based Distance Learning Programme (DLP) now has over 17,000 trained instructors across the nation.
  • ATI now leverages this and other relevant technologies to scale up training volume from current few thousands per ATI per year several fold to quickly address the huge shortfall in skilled manpower without compromising quality.
  • ATI is now evaluating Satellite Interactive Terminal (SIT) and Direct-to-home broadcast (DTH) capability and can thence reach every nook and corner of the nation to skill the citizenry. Content disseminated is multi lingual.
  • Smart phone interaction on A-View is under implementation.
  • Extensive reporting and analytics is being leveraged whist being interactive for both the teacher and the student with an intuitive dashboard.
  • Low bandwidth and efficient live audio / video streaming are the hallmarks of the technologies used at ATI and several webinars have been successfully conducted on it.

Industry Collaborated Training Programmes

Q Max Test Equipments Pvt Ltd
No. 6 Elcot Avenue, IT Highway (OMR), Solinganallur, Chennai - 600119 
Contact Person : C. Vijayakumar, General manager Mob: 9840888893 Email : vijaykumar@gmaxtest.com
Rex Vijayakumar, Area manager Mob: 9003086872 email : rexvijay@qmaxtest.com
  • Pioneers in manufacturing of automated test equipments for Digital, Analog and mixed ICs in- circuit and off board testing.
  • Having more than 1000 clients including Defence, Aerospace, PSUs and Manufacturing Industries.
  • ATI, Chennai will be conducting skill training on automated test equipments in collaboration with Qmax.
  • Demonstration on latest technology - Desktop Automated PCB Test Equipments

ATI Chennai-Industry Collaborated Training : Testing of PCBA Training

  • This Training Course is ideal for people who need to work in Electronics field of design, manufacturing , Testing and Quality Assurance Certification and Maintenance Support of various product services in commercial, Industrial and Military Space applications by electronics means.
  • This course brings the available test techniques and methodologies in Electronics/PCBA testing for passive and active components used in making the circuit design to work for its application.
  • The course is intended for industry personnel, beginners in Electronics testing, Staff and Students of

ITI/Diploma/College who are all aspiring to become Electronics field executives in the future.

Vi Microsystems Pvt Ltd
No. 75, Electronics Estimate, Perugudi, Chennai - 600096 
Contact Person : Dr Vijayarajeswaran, MD, Mob: 98941045621 email: vijay@vimicrosystems.com
  • Major suppliers of training kits to all educational institutes like Engg Colleges, Polytechnics including ATI’s in the field of electronics, micro controllers, PLC automation and robotics.
  • ATI, Chennai conducts skill training in the following areas supported by Vi Microsystems.
  • Demonstration on latest technology in the field of training on
    • Internet of Things (IoT)
    • Wireless sensor networks

ATI Chennai-Industry Collaborated Training : Internet on Things (IoT) Training

  • The Internet of Things is the concept of everyday objects from industrial machines to wearable devices using built in sensors to gather data and take action on that data across a network. So it's a building that uses sensors to automatically adjust hea

ting and lighting or production equipment alerting maintenance personnel to an impending failure.

  • Simply put, the Internet of Things is the future of technology that can make our lives more efficient.
  • The Internet of Things is rapidly growing. It is predicted that more than 25 billion devices will be connected by 2020.

Key Contacts

ATI Chennai

Name Designation EMail Phone
Senthil Kumar Director rskrd1962@gmail.com 9445563389
Mathivanan S Joint Director s.mvanan@yahoo.in 9384765446
Jayaprakasan M, Dr. Dy. Director jp_ati@vsnl.net 9840401002
Yuvaraj C Deputy Director yuvarajc2001@yahoo.co.in 9282407033

DGT, New Delhi

Name Designation EMail Phone
Asheesh Sharma Director Generalasheeshksharma@hotmail.com 9922501502
Mihir Parial Joint Director mihirparial@yahoo.co.in 9582709233


Name Designation EMail Phone
Jyotsna SitlingDirector Generaljsitling@gmail.com
Rangnath Chandra, Dr Senior Consultant rkchandra.niesbud@gmail.com 9599078766
Sunil Bhardwaj Joint Director sunilbhardwaj107@gmail.com 0120-4017039
Anurag Mittal EOP Mentor anurag.niesbud@gmail.com 9811108914

IIT Bombay, Spoken-Tutorials.org

Name Designation EMail Phone
Kannan Moudgalya IIT Bombay Professor, PI kannan@iitb.ac.in 9869326979
Nancy Varkey IIT Bombay, Sr. Project Manager nancyvarkey.iitb@gmail.com 022-25764229
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