Freshers Academic Induction

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General Knowledge

  • Logic
    • Twins and Directions
    • Brainwash State - Rules misjudged
  • Sliding Scale of Fees
  • Money, measure, source, sink, trust and value
  • Amsterdam Coin Exchange
  • ACTS Evaluation


  • Calculus
    • PID Control
    • Spacecraft direction
    • Area division
    • Optimisation for laying pipelines and scheduling manufacture
  • Mental Math, Vedic Math, Finger Math

Engineering Drawing


  • ISO-baric,thermal,metric
  • Weights and Measures


  • Elements Atoms and Ions
  • Sublimation
  • Latent Heat
  • Depression of Freezing Point
  • Elevation of Boiling Point
  • Law of Conservation of Energy and Mass - Rope Trick
  • Eutectic - relating to or denoting a mixture of substances (in fixed proportions) that melts and freezes at a single temperature that is lower than the melting points of the separate constituents or of any other mixture of them.
  • Deep eutectic solvent / Ionic Liquid Eutectic is a eutectic with a melting point much lower than either of the individual components. One of the most significant deep eutectic phenomenon was observed for a mixture of choline chloride and urea in a 1:2 mole ratio, respectively. The resulting mixture has a melting point of 12 °C (far less than the melting point of choline, 302 °C and urea, 133 °C), which makes it liquid at room temperature.
  • Anti-Freeze - Coke, Hill Station Fuel

Computer Science

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