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Portable (Hand-held) Auto Range Capacitance Meter for Reagentless Electrochemical Estimation of Milk Quality

  • Device that protects lakhs of children from Milk Toxins patented by Dr. M. Jayaprakasan, Deputy Director of Training, Advanced Training Institute, Chennai, Ministry of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship (MSDC), Government of India.
  • Patent Application Filing No: 3064/CHE/2010 dt 18.10.2010 (Page 22)

The Innovation

This innovation is being applied to estimation of various milk components like lactose and fat and adulterants like urea so that milk quality can be judged at the collection centres and processing units. An indigenously made auto-range capacitance meter capable of measuring capacitance in the range of micro-farads to tens of pico-farads (Design and Fabricated by Dr.JP at ATI, Chennai) for reagent-less measurement of enzymatic reactions initially used for analyzing the blood samples for the patients to detect the presence of various types of bacteria (patented the invention in 2010 through Anna University, Chennai) now able to Estimate Milk Quality.

This invention has received the Best Innovation Award 2015 in the Technology Day function held at Anna University on 2015-05-08 from Prof H. Devaraj, Vice Chairman, University Grants Commission(, New Delhi. The award was received by Prof. J. Kumar from Anna University who is the Project Investigator of this research project funded by DST. In fact, Dept. Of Science and Technology, Govt of India in its annual report 2010-11 has clearly mentioned about the work under the column Significant milestone. For details Page No: 124 in DST ANNUAL REPORT 2010-11.

  • Dr.JP has designed and fabricated more than 12 Equipments, devices and gadgets (Made / Make in India).
  • A few engineering colleges (SSN, SRM etc)in Tamilnadu also use them for research purposes in the field of Crystal Growth Technology.
  • Major advantages of these designs are:
    • low cost
    • high resolution above par vis-a-vis imported ones
    • avoids import of these equipment which are expensive and run into crores of rupees - import substitute by superior local one
    • can be obtained locally for under a few lakhs in rupees itself
  • Technology transferred to the industry free of cost since the designs were part of Dr.JP's Doctorate Research work which was funded by the industry
  • For details of these equipment / gadgets, contact Dr.JP Designs.
  • Dr. JP's designs have been accredited by International journals among others like
  • These publications were done as part of requirements to obtain the Doctorate Degree with no direct use for local society but has brought immense personal happiness.
  • It is a reality that hitherto many of Dr.JP's equipment are being used in various research institutes and ultimately be used in the churning out of puerile publication of papers unless Industry and the Government step in to leverage it's potential for benefiting society at large.

Dr.JP is proud that his small design / instrument can help lakhs of children from milk toxins, which is going to create a real impact on the society. Hence, he likes to share his happiness with friends and colleagues on work done in this regard.

Specialty of the Invention

  • Current state of reality is some chemicals are being added purposefully (polluting) in the milk to artificially increase the density.
  • Milk vendors contaminate the milk products routinely to just meet the density evaluation which is practically the sole mandatory need for a quick approval of milk diluted with water.
  • The conventional lactometer used can find only the water & fat (density) content in the milk.
  • The chemicals added in the milk contains toxins which are very dangerous to human health capable of creating many diseases
  • This new device can identify the presence of these toxins and their quantities within 1 to 2 minutes time.
  • The auto range capacitance meter designed and fabricated with interface program to a computer was the requirement of Prof Kumar and Prof Sankaran, Anna university and the design of the Programmable System on a Chip (PSoC) to meet the experimental and operational requirements was carried out by Dr.JP which now currently evaluates and estimates contamination presence and their levels in milk products, in particular, Urease, which in small quantities itself can be harmful to human health.

Team Members Institution Designation Role Played Leader/ Member Contribution
Dr. Kumar J Anna University (Crystal Growth Centre) Professor Project Investigator Leader Concept innovation and modification of the sample holder
Dr. Sankaran K Anna University (Centre for Biotechnology) Professor Experimental Testing Member Evaluation of the System
Dr. Jayaprakasan M Advanced Training Institute, Chennai Dy Director Design and Fabrication Member Sensor design, Electronics and Computer Interface design and programming, Instrument Fabrication

The Sensor

  • The Biosensor system works on electrochemical activity evaluation through capacitance measurements.
  • This is an effective portable (hand held) system which eliminates the use of a colorimeter for such estimations and more importantly eliminated the need for use of expensive enzymes.
  • The system is being evaluated also for other biochemical activity and it may be used for blood samples.
  • The system costs only Rs 10,000/- and the system has the capabilityof also storing the acquired data and subsequent processing for histogram and analysis.
  • It is planned to make the system functional with a battery and wi-fi enabled to standardise the activation threshold on analysis for an alarm and to make it self reliant while being used in portable mode.
  • Anna University and ATI Chennai can interact more actively in such product development from a proto type level to modular production and skill development in such societal based applications.
  • The conceptual innovative ideas can be nurtured and evolved as a commercial MAKE IN INDIA product and moreover such activities can strengthen the skill development program of ATI, Chennai while Anna University will stand to get recognized with its technology development and transfer programs.

* Innovation award Nomination form (for details about the work) click here

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