Bio Digester

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  • Slurry or diluted manure
  • Sludge from wastewater treatment plant
  • Lake / River sediment or other anaerobic environments
  • Dry animal manure has live methanogens
  • Rumin fluid is also a good inoculum
  • Incubate kitchen garbage with small amount of whatever feces
  • Molasses distillery waste known as stillage


  • Bacteria from sediments are quite different. They are psychrophilic (cold loving), live in high pressure and normally deal with different feed. Psychrophilic or Cryophilic) are Extremophilic organisms that are capable of growth and reproduction in low temperatures, ranging from −200 °C to +10 °C. They are found in places that are permanently cold, such as the polar regions and the deep sea.
  • Rumin from slaughter house is loaded with methanogens but also a large number of complimentary microbes that accelerate the process of bio digestion


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